Employment, Jobs and Recruiting Agencies in Tampa, Fl

If you want to find jobs in employment and staffing agencies in the city of Tampa FL, on this page we share the most sought-after and recommended staffing companies by people looking for jobs in all types of fields, whether for factories, nurses, medical staffing, healthcare, professionals, construction or any other type of job with good pay related to your profession, specialization, knowledge or need.

Share your comments, reviews, and opinions about the employee recruitment offices for companies in the city of Tampa, so that others in the US General Information online community can have access to your experience, whether it is positive, complaints or grievances. You can answer others’ queries or leave your own questions – read on!

What are the best employment agencies in Tampa, Florida?

Find in the following map the most searched and recommended employment agencies by Internet users, when calling each one ask if they speak Spanish and if they have jobs for Hispanics, many of these staffing offices have jobs for all types of industries, and with all types of pay.

map of employment and jobs agencies in tampa, fl

How much do they pay per hour in Tampa?

The hourly rates in dollars in the city of Tampa, FL depend on the type of work, although, the government set a minimum wage so that all job seekers are assured that they will be paid for their hourly work.

The minimum wage in Tampa is currently around $30 an hour, which you should find out from the employment agency at the time of hiring. This also answers your query of How much is the minimum in Florida 2022?

What is life like in Tampa Florida?

The tropical climate of the city is the best option to live in it, although it is not as famous as Miami or Orlando, the lifestyle is very good if you get a good job.

The seaport is a link with the countries and economies of Central and South America, so many companies have their headquarters in the area, which generates jobs.

Tampa has a very good educational system for all levels, being the place for the University of South Florida.

List of the most searched job agencies in Tampa, Florida

In addition to the map, we share the address and location of the most famous employment agencies in the city, so you can put the address in the GPS of your car or in the map app of your cell phone and have the directions on how to get to the employment agency near me quickly.

HH Staffing Services
Address: 550 N Reo St #300, Tampa, FL 33609
Phone: (813) 452-6207

Address: 5102 W Laurel St #500, Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813) 449-4800

Ultimate Staffing Services
Address: 4300 W Cypress St Ste 260, Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813) 870-6147

Automation Personnel Services – Tampa
Address: 3904 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33614
Phone: (813) 888-7508

Express Employment Professionals
Address: 5411 Beaumont Center Blvd Suite 720, Tampa, FL 33634
Telephone: (813) 969-3339

Thrivas Staffing Agency
Address: 4511 N Himes Ave, Tampa, FL 33614
Phone: (813) 225-2539

Address: 5421 Beaumont Center Blvd Suite 644, Tampa, FL 33634
Phone: (813) 560-8780

The Fountain Group
Address: 4505 Woodland Corporate Blvd, Tampa, FL 33614
Phone: (813) 321-1653

Address: 4301 W Boy Scout Blvd #520, Tampa, FL 33607
Telephone: (813) 636-1019

Insight Global
Address: 4211 W Boy Scout Blvd #290, Tampa, FL 33607
Telephone: (813) 549-7214

The Reserves Network
Address: 5410 Mariner St #175, Tampa, FL 33609
Phone: (813) 258-4101

Aston Carter
Address: 4301 W Boy Scout Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607
Telephone: (813) 636-1000

AppleOne Employment Services – Tampa
Address: 15436 N Florida Ave Suite 160, Tampa, FL 33613
Telephone: (813) 269-7000

The Liberty Group
Address: 3001 N Rocky Point Dr E #200, Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813) 606-4334

iDEAL Hire
Address: 400 N Tampa St 15th floor, Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: (813) 343-8003

Crawford Thomas Recruiting – Tampa, FL
Address: 501 E Kennedy Blvd 14th floor, Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: (813) 867-4900

BG Multifamily
Address: 4010 W Boy Scout Blvd Suite 640, Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813) 314-2068

Cell Staff
Address: 1715 N Westshore Blvd Suite 525, Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (855) 561-1715

Ascendo Resources
Address: 4300 W Cypress St Suite #725, Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813) 445-7130

Performance Personnel
Address: 7815 N Dale Mabry Hwy Suite 211, Tampa, FL 33614
Phone: (813) 800-5627

What types of jobs are available in Tampa Florida?

These are the top jobs offered in this southern state city, to give you an idea of which companies are hiring in the following industries and business lines:

  • Papa Pal
  • Accountants
  • Software Engineers
  • Nurses
  • Health Care
  • Child care
  • Factory jobs
  • Foodservice and delivery
  • Hotel jobs
  • Restaurant jobs
  • Commercial
  • Sales Agent
  • Warehouse and freight forwarding jobs
  • Truck Driver
  • Cab Driver
  • Delivery Driver
  • Architects
  • FedEx
  • Catering companies
  • Warehouse Salesman
  • Coca Cola
  • Bank employee
  • Assistant Manager
  • Assistant and employees in 7-Eleven stores
  • Security Officer
  • McDonald’s

These are just a few jobs and companies that are constantly hiring employees in this city.

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After reading this page, all that’s left is for you to find the employment agency nearest you, with hours of operation, log on to each one’s website to view job openings and pay online, directions, and all the other information to land your next job.

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