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If you’re looking to get a job in Santa Ana, California, in the industry where you have experience, or in any other, if the current job needs are high, we share an online job search engine and information on the main employment agencies, also known as staffing or recruiting offices, so you can inquire about job vacancies at the moment.

You can share your job search and employment experience with our online community through comments, reviews, or queries so that we can all learn from it. Keep reading!

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Search and find the main worker recruitment offices in this local area, either by zip code or directly, to know how to get there and what positions and vacancies are available at the moment in each agency’s industry.

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List of the main worker recruitment offices in Santa Ana, CA

To supplement the information you find on the map, we share a listing with the address and phone number so you can call to inquire about available jobs, weekly pay, temporary or permanent jobs, requirements, and any other necessary queries.

Select Staffing
Address: 1805 East Dyer Road, Suite #109, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: (714) 881-5100

Express Employment Professionals
Address: 3500 S. Bristol St., Suite 208, Santa Ana, CA 92704
Phone: (714) 277-1240

Adecco Staffing
Address: 3 MacArthur Place, Santa Ana, CA 92707
Phone: (714) 708-3399

Volt Workforce Solutions
Address: 1851 E First Street, Suite 1650, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: (714) 558-1200

Helpmates Staffing Services
Address: 1801 E Edinger Ave, Suite #110, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: (714) 543-1111

Kimco Staffing Services
Address: 1403 N. Tustin Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: (714) 547-5777

Address: 1601 E. Orangewood Ave, Suite 110, Anaheim, CA 92805 (también tienen una ubicación en Santa Ana)
Phone: (714) 581-1220

Link Staffing
Address: 1600 E. 4th St., Santa Ana, CA 92701
Phone: (714) 542-1199

Address: 1801 E. Edinger Ave, Suite 110, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: (714) 543-1675

Eastridge Workforce Solutions
Address: 1501 E. Saint Andrew Place, Suite 100, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: (714) 259-0300

What are the most sought-after jobs in Santa Ana, California?

There are several jobs that are popular and in demand in Santa Ana, California. Here is a list of some of the most sought-after jobs in this area:

Please note that this list may vary depending on the demand and needs of employers in Santa Ana, as well as the skills and experience of job seekers. It is important to conduct a specific job search based on your skills and preferences to find employment opportunities that suit your needs.

How much is the hourly wage in Santa Ana, CA?

The hourly wage in Santa Ana, California, can vary depending on the industry, position, experience, and other factors. However, according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for the second quarter, the average hourly wage rate for all jobs in Santa Ana is $20.02.

It is important to note that the hourly wage may vary significantly depending on the industry and position. For example, jobs in the technology and healthcare industries tend to pay higher salaries than jobs in the service industry. It is also possible that some jobs have higher salaries than the average rate of $20.02 per hour.

Overall, it is recommended to conduct further research on specific industry and position salaries to determine a more accurate salary range in Santa Ana, California.

Requirements to get a job in the city of Santa Ana

The requirements to get a job in the city of Santa Ana may vary depending on the employer, industry, and position. However, here are some general requirements that employers in Santa Ana may ask job applicants for:

  • Job application: Employers may require job seekers to complete a job application that includes information about their work history, experience, and skills.
  • Resume / Curriculum vitae (CV): Employers may also request a CV or resume to review education, work experience, and other relevant skills.
  • Background check: Some employers may conduct background checks to ensure that applicants do not have criminal records that may affect their ability to perform the job.
  • Skill tests and assessments: Employers may request that applicants complete skill tests and assessments to measure their knowledge and skills in specific areas.
  • Interviews: In-person, phone, or online interviews are also common in the hiring process to evaluate cultural fit and communication skills.

These are just some of the common requirements that employers may ask job applicants for in Santa Ana. Depending on the industry and position, there may be additional requirements. It is recommended to specifically research the requirements for the desired position to ensure preparedness for the job application process.

Looking for a job in Santa Ana, CA

Completing the information on the map and the list of employment agencies in the city and its surroundings, whether by zip code in the local area, you can continue your search for staffing and recruitment offices on the online search engine.

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