Energy companies in Houston, TX. Providers and Rates

On this page, we share the information of the cheapest electricity companies in Houston, TX, the most sought after, all the electricity companies, the ones you can hire without deposit, to work, for your home, business or factory, what is the standard price charged in this city in the state of Texas. The location map, address, and phone number to check prices, costs, how to apply and contract, and more.

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Map of electric companies in Houston, TX

Find the nearest electric and light company near me, if you do that kind of search, so you can get the best electric service for your home or business. Know the addresses, and costs and access the websites of each one, to consult and see the available plans to know which one is the cheapest and charges less.

map of energy companies in houston, texas

Which is the cheapest electric company in Houston?

By accessing the map above, you can check for the electricity company that charges the least, that is, the one that will charge the lowest price for electricity and electricity consumption in the monthly, daily, and weekly bills, depending on the time contract you choose.

Remember that you must consult well about the plans offered, in order not to overpay.

However, the most common answer to the question of which is the cheapest electricity company in Houston, TX is Quick Electricity, according to comments from people in the networks is the cheapest prepaid electricity company in Houston, TX. To find out which electricity company charges less, you must enter each one and see the current plans.

What is the best electric company in Houston?

It depends on the user’s experience, as you may have an opinion, and others may have theirs. Reliant Energy is one of the largest companies in the state of Texas, so it provides all kinds of customer services related to electricity.

In addition, companies such as Tara Energy or Quick Electricity have prepaid, contract, no deposit, and other plans that are very convenient.

How much does electricity cost in Houston?

Energy rates depend on each company and current prices. Below are some of the most common costs in the state.

  • Frontier Utilities – 24 months- $0.140 / kWh
  • Gexa Energy – 24 months – $0.141 / kWh
  • Express Energy – 24 months – $0.141 / kWh
  • 4Change Energy – 24 months- $0.142 / kWh
  • First Choice Power – 12 months – $0.144 / kWh
  • Chariot Energy – 36 months – $0.166 / kWh
  • TriEagle Energy – 36 months- $0.169 / kWh
  • Constellation – 36 months- $0.169 / kWh
  • Pulse Power – 36 months – $0.172 / kWh
  • TXU Energy – 12 months- $0.185 / kWh
  • Direct Energy – 24 months- $0.213 / kWh
  • Payless Power – 12 months- $0.216 / kWh
  • Discount Power – 12 months- $0.218 / kWh
  • Reliant – 12 months- $0.229 / kWh
  • Cirro – 12 months- $0.247 / kWh
  • Green Mountain – 24 months- $0.252 / kWh

Remember that with inflation, these prices can change, increase or decrease, so we recommend that you visit each company’s website to find out the current price.

List of electricity companies in Houston, Texas

These are the most wanted, the best, and the cheapest electricity companies in this main city in the state of TX.

Chariot Energy

Address: 2800 Post Oak Blvd Ste 4100, Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (855) 524-2746

Green Mountain Energy

Address: 910 Louisiana St 22nd floor, Houston, TX 77002
Phone: (866) 785-4668


Address: 901 Bagby St, Houston, TX 77002
Telephone: (972) 294-9953

Tara Energy
Address: 5251 Westheimer Rd #1100, Houston, TX 77056
Telephone: (866) 409-2224

Spark Energy, LLC

Address: 12140 Wickchester Ln Suite 100, Houston, TX 77079
Phone: (877) 547-7275

Constellation – America’s Energy Choice

Address: 1001 Louisiana St Suite 2300, Houston, TX 77002
Phone: (888) 900-7052

Just Energy

Address: 5251 Westheimer Rd #1000, Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (866) 409-1167

Reliant Energy

Phone: (866) 222-7100

Champion Energy Services

Address: 1500 Rankin Rd #200, Houston, TX 77073
Phone: (877) 653-5090

Frontier Utilities

Address: 20455 TX-249 Suite 200, Houston, TX 77070
Telephone: (866) 926-8192

Entrust Energy

Address: 1301 McKinney St # 2950, Houston, TX 77010
Phone: (800) 871-8100

XOOM energy

Address: 800 Bering Dr #250, Houston, TX 77057
Phone: (713) 230-8515

Compare Power

Address: 708 Main St 10th floor, Houston, TX 77002
Telephone: (281) 301-1977

Brilliant Energy

Address: 800 Wilcrest Dr #109, Houston, TX 77042
Telephone: (713) 789-8800

Shyne Energy

Address: 2121 Sage Rd #270, Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (832) 932-9239

Hello Energy

Address: 1500 Rankin Rd #200, Houston, TX 77073
Phone: (844) 856-9383

First Choice Power

Address: 12 E Greenway Plaza #250, Houston, TX 77046
Phone: (855) 534-3881

Choice Energy Network Inc

Address: 2800 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX 77056
Telephone: (713) 936-4409

Mosbacher Energy Co

Address: 712 Main St #2200, Houston, TX 77002
Telephone: (713) 546-2500

Ambit Energy Turn On Electricity

Phone: (800) 599-6564

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