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On this page we share information on the best roofing companies in the state of Louisiana, taking the cities of Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, and others in this southern state of the United States. It shows the searchable map of companies near me, both to hire for work on houses, buildings, or other constructions and to apply to roofing companies looking for workers.

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Louisiana roofing company locator map near you

Search and find the roofing contractor or roofing company in major cities in the state, to apply for construction work, as well as to hire to perform work on your property. Directions, the website for inquiries, rates, and prices are shown, as well as an available employment agency, phone numbers, and service area.

What are the types of roofing jobs in the state?

There are many types of roofs for roofing jobs in Louisiana, US, here is a list of some of the most common ones:

  • Asphalt roofs: also known as composite shingle roofs, they are the most common in the United States. They are made of layers of fiberglass impregnated with asphalt and covered with mineral granules to protect them from the sun and rain.
  • Metal roofs: they can be made of steel, aluminum, copper or zinc and are durable and weather-resistant. They can last up to 50 years or more and are a good choice for areas with extreme weather.
  • Wooden roofs are beautiful and can be a sustainable option if certified wood is used. However, they require more maintenance and have a shorter lifespan than other types of roofs.
  • Slate roofs are expensive but durable and can last up to 100 years. They are made of natural slate slabs and are very resistant to weather and fire.
  • Clay tile roofs are beautiful and durable and are made of tiles made from baked clay. They are popular in areas with hot, dry climates.
  • Concrete tile roofs are a more economical alternative to clay tiles and are made of fiber-reinforced concrete. They are durable and resistant to fire and wind.
  • Membrane roofs: also known as single-ply roofs, they are made of sheets of synthetic material that are welded together to create a waterproof surface.
  • Green roofs are a sustainable option and consist of a layer of soil and vegetation planted over a waterproof membrane. They help reduce the amount of water runoff and can improve the energy efficiency of the building.

It is important to remember that the choice of roof type will depend on several factors, such as climate, budget, aesthetics, and desired durability. In addition, it is always advisable to consult with a roofing professional before making any decisions.

What are the jobs of a roofer or roofing contractor in Louisiana?

The jobs that a roofing company in Louisiana can offer include:

  • Roof inspection: a roofing company can inspect your roof and provide a detailed report of its current condition. This can help detect problems early and avoid costly long-term repairs.
  • Roof repair: if your roof has a leak or damage, a roofing company can repair it and make sure it is properly sealed and protected.
  • Roof replacement: if your roof has severe damage or is old and needs to be replaced, a roofing company can help select the right type of roof for your home and do the installation.
  • New roof installation: if you are building a new home, a roofing company can install the roof for you.
  • Waterproofing: a roofing company can provide waterproofing services for flat roofs, which can help prevent water buildup and mold, and mildew.
  • Roof cleaning: a roofing company can also provide roof cleaning services to remove debris buildup and ensure the roof is in good condition.
  • Roof maintenance: to ensure the longevity of your roof, a roofing company can provide maintenance services to inspect the roof, repair any damage and keep it in good condition.
  • Emergency services: in the event of damage from storms or other weather events, a roofing company can provide emergency services to help protect your home and minimize damage.

It is important to remember that each roofing company may offer different services, so it is important to contact the specific company for a detailed list of their services.

List of roofing companies in Louisiana

To complete the information on the searchable map, we share a list of the top and most sought-after companies for roofing services in the cities of the state.

Pelican Roofing Company

Address: 5801 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy, Youngsville, LA 70592
Phone: (337) 703-4515

Roofing Louisiana

Address: 933 Ridge Rd, Lafayette, LA 70506
Phone: (337) 993-0584

Lafayette Roofing and General Contractors

Address: 204 Toledo Dr, Lafayette, LA 70506
Phone: (337) 237-7663

Mid City Roofing

Address: 434 S Acadian Thruway, Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Phone: (225) 930-4930

Louisiana Roof Crafters LLC

Address: 2770 W Church St Suite #6, Hammond, LA 70401
Phone: (985) 238-4576

Hibbard Roofing & Construction

Address: 103 Rosedale Dr, Lafayette, LA 70508
Phone: (337) 366-0814

Perdomo Roofing & Sheet Metal, LLC

Address: 609 Oxley St, Kenner, LA 70062
Phone: (504) 885-6652

Garcia Roofing

Address: 17333 Opportunity Ave Building A, Baton Rouge, LA 70817
Phone: (225) 756-3100

Premier South Roofing & Sheet Metal

Address: 9551 Interline Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone: (225) 757-6621

Ducote Roofing & Construction

Address: 4658 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA 70503
Phone: (337) 534-4476

Cypress Roofing

Address: 1802 S Sonny Ave, Gonzales, LA 70737
Phone: (225) 450-5507

Coleman Roofing & Construction

Address: 2718 S Ruby Ave, Gonzales, LA 70737
Phone: (225) 379-7663

HudCo Roofing & Exteriors

Phone: (318) 515-1460

Garcia Roofing

Address: 609 S Al Davis Rd, New Orleans, LA 70123
Phone: (504) 229-7660

Elite Roofing & Construction

Address: 609 Parkway Dr, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517
Phone: (337) 303-0738

V & V Roofing and Sheet Metal, LLC

Address: 9120 Amber Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone: (225) 753-6736

Livingston Roofing & Sheet Metal

Address: 1123 E Hwy 30, Gonzales, LA 70737
Phone: (225) 644-5718

How to obtain a roofing license in Louisiana?

To obtain a roofing license in Louisiana, you are required to follow certain steps and meet certain requirements. Below are the general steps:

  • Meet eligibility requirements: certain requirements must be met, such as being at least 18 years of age, having liability and workers’ compensation insurance, and not having been convicted of certain crimes.
  • Completing the application: one must complete the license application and provide all required information, including company details, personal details, and a list of business references.
  • Pass the exam: you must pass an exam that tests the knowledge and skills required to work as a roofing contractor in Louisiana.
  • Pay the fees: application and examination fees must be paid.
  • Obtain bonding insurance: $10,000 bonding insurance must be obtained through an insurance company licensed in Louisiana.
  • Obtain Approval – Once all requirements have been met, the Louisiana Board of Contractors will review the application and, if approved, the license will be issued.

It is important to note that specific requirements may vary depending on the city or county in which you wish to work. It is recommended that you contact the Louisiana Board of Contractors or the appropriate government agency for more detailed and up-to-date information on specific requirements and procedures.

Search for roofing companies in Louisiana

If you can’t find the nearest company or contractor on the map or in the listing, you can make use of the online search engine for roofing companies in the state, with results in your zip code or service area.

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