Top Roofing Companies in the US

Find the best roofing companies in your area to hire workers on your property, as well as those that need workers or contractors. Remember that roofing is the service provided by companies for the repair, installation, maintenance, or evaluation of the condition of roofs in all types of constructions in America. You can also know them as tech adores in Spanish or roofers in English.

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Searchable map of roofing companies near my location in my area in the US

From here you can access the interactive map with the best roofing companies to hire, or that need and are looking for workers, depending on your need: hiring for work on your property, or getting a job.

map od top roofing companies in america

How to get Roofing jobs?

If you are looking to work in one of the roofing companies or contractors in the US, you just have to enter the map and search for companies that are near your area, entering the query of those that request workers, so you can submit your resume with the experience you have.

Many of companies look for and accept inexperienced workers, to start with minor jobs and then gain experience to improve the position and the tasks to be performed.

How much does Roofing in America earn?

24 dollars an hour is the average pay across the country. Then, each state has its own labor laws, which make the value of the work hour more or less than the national average.

You should check very well with the companies or employment agencies how much is paid before signing a contract, to avoid surprises at the time of the daily, weekly, or biweekly payment. In this section we answer the question How much does a Roofing Contractor earn? or also How much does a Rufin’s helper earn in the United States?

List of the 10 largest roofing companies in United States

Every state and city has its own contractors that need subcontractors, to grab roofing jobs, or to hire on your building, house, apartment, barn, or whatever construction. However, in this list we present the largest nationwide:

  • Tecta America
  • Centimark
  • Flynn Group
  • Baker Roofing
  • Nations Roof
  • Kalreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal
  • Greenwood Industries
  • Schreiber
  • Latite Roofing
  • Advanced Green Technologies

Find names of roofing companies in America

After reading this article you can go directly to the search engine for roofing companies in every state in the country. Find the ones closest to you right now, with their address, directions, phone number, and even website.

find roofing companies in america, roofing contractors in the us

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